Functional fragrances are those that add a function to make you feel relaxed, wake up, etc., in addition to the conventional “enjoy the smell” fragrance.
It is a synthetic perfume that contains ingredients that have already been recognized to have various effects.
※ Since functional perfume is not a drug, it does not mean that it is effective for everyone.

Direct dye

C.I Direct Yello11
C.I Direct Yello86
C.I Direct Red9
C.I Direct Red23
C.I Direct Red31
C.I Direct Red81
C.I Direct Blue71
C.I Direct Blue199
C.I Direct Blue203
C.I Direct Blue273
C.I Direct Black168

Acid dye

C.I Acid Yellow 17
C.I Acid Yellow 23
C.I Acid Yellow 36
C.I Acid Orange7
C.I Acid Red18
C.I Acid Red57
C.I Acid Red88
C.I Acid Blue25
C.I Acid Blue25
C.I Acid Violet49
C.I Acid Black26
※ There is a difference between the color of the Internet and the actual color, so please check with the sample. ※ The above dyes are domestic and imported. Please ask for details.

Acid dyeF

It is a black acid dye that dissolves very well in water and has a wide range of uses.

1. Excellent heat resistance and light resistance
2. High density coloring is possible and the hue is beautiful.
3. Excellent in dyeability.
4. Excellent in jet black feeling.

Oil-soluble dye

It is used in the following applications with various solvent soluble dyes.

1. Synthetic resin (styrene, acrylic, acetate, ABS resin)
2. Felt pen ink, ballpoint pen ink.
3. Oil stain, paint for rubber.
4. shoe polish.
5. Gasoline, lubricating oil, grease.
6. Printing ink.
7. Fish net etc
8. It is used for coloring and complementary colors of detergents, cosmetics etc.

Natural pigment

We have synthetic food dyes and natural food dyes.
Natural pigments may discolor or fade depending on the hardness of water, iron, chlorine and pH.

Natural dyes can not be used in the following foods.
Kelp, meat, beans, seaweed, fresh fish shellfish, tea, seaweed