Aerobic microbe / cleaner

Environmental considerations

Considering the future of the earth, it is important to reduce the load on the natural environment as much as possible.
We propose cleaning agents and cleaning agents that are safe and reliable for the natural environment, and for workers who use them, according to the purpose of use.

Rust removal

RSR-2(Fast rust remover) ER-G 3000(Water soluble rust inhibitor)

Scale cleaning

■ Inside a sealed pipe such as a boiler RSR-2(Fast removal of scale) AQUA-C
(Control circulation water stability and scale generation)

■ Cooling towers, piping etc. with open places
RSR-2(Fast removal of scale) BIO 520(Elimination of scale in piping, control of bacteria, environmental maintenance)


■ Powerful fat and oil remover    Heavy oil cut

 ■ Cleaning of oils and fats, tar etc    Power degree

 ■ Tableware, laundry detergent    Salt conductor

 ■ Food processing plant cleaning    EPS-20

 ■ Machine, car and aircraft cleaning    EPS-20

Waste water treatment

BIO 520(Purification of drainage)

Food waste, soil, manure

BIO 520(Purification of the solid body)


BIO 520(Decomposition of offensive odor source)


■ Bottom, water place concrete wall surface San Kai Copper (Preventing adhesion of shellfish and sludge)

■ Reservoir for drinking water Aqua clean coat (Water pollution, pollution prevention)

■ Peeling of paint Paint pillar (paint isolation agent)


Organized aerobic microorganisms BIO520

I improve the environment by the power of aerobic microorganisms.
Liquid purification: Purification of river water blooms, water cooling chillers, cooling tower piping and industrial drainage, household drainage purification
Solid purification: food waste and animal manure, soil purification
Purification of air: Deodorant decomposition such as odor and holm aldecht
Antibacterial action: Prevention of nosocomial infections by microorganisms and prevention of Legionella bacteria and molds in air conditioners

No pollution high speed rust cleaner RSR-2

Strongly acidic (ph1) cleaner that eliminates toxic substances that do not contain any PRTR regulated substances
It is possible to remove rust and calcium at high speed without corroding iron or stainless steel.
It is possible to remove rust and calcium at high speed without damaging rubbers and painted surfaces.

Pollution-free, water-soluble anticorrosive

A completely new rust inhibitor that does not use fat or oil or zinc. It can be used even with water drops immediately after washing. After drying, painting can be done without any degreasing process.
Ideal for corrosion protection of iron, stainless steel etc.

Special alkaline enzyme  AQUA-C

Fermented soybean and brown rice raw materials with stable sequestration ability and antioxidant ability with emulsification, pH buffer effect, and fermentation support effect.
It can be used as a detergent aid or circulating water additive for boilers, etc. It can also be used as an emulsifying and dispersing agent for confectionery and bread.

Non-toxic antifouling paint San Kai Copper

Focusing on the trace metal effect of inorganic copper powder, it is an antifouling paint that can be used for various purposes such as various ships and marine structures. Sankai Copper uses 99% or more of inorganic copper powder that has been processed into a special shape, and even in toxicity tests, it has been certified as “LD-50 value 4000 mg / kg or more”.
Main applications
・ Soil bottom antifouling of the ship
・ Antifouling of harbor coasts and marine buildings
・ Antifouling of floats (for fishery ・ for route ・ forehead and attached tube ・ culture forehead etc)
・ Marine sports ・ Oil fence ・ Antifouling of breakwater
・ In-sea and underwater equipment (breeding fern, submarine cables, etc.
・ Water absorption port ・ Drain port ・ Interior wall of septic tank ・ Cooling water processing tank ・ Groove pipe etc

Non-pollution water-soluble cleaning agent EPS-20

We do not use phosphate and chlorine-based substances at all.
It has acquired A-1 of USDA standard of the United States and USDA.
(All use permission in food processing plant)
It is used not only in food factories, but also in oil-free places where it is not possible to use organic solvents, oil decomposition, car water tanks, runways, and aircraft cleaning.

Detergent for skin  Salt conductor

Salt Conductor is a detergent for sensitive skin that can be used by people with atopic dermatitis or housewife's eczema.

Environmentally Friendly Hypoallergenic Cleaner Salt Clean

It can be used in a wide range of kitchen and household dishes, for ships, for cleaning vegetables, fruits and other waxes and pesticides. In addition, cleaning the metal surface does not damage the underlying paint or the metal itself.
No fragrance, no coloring, no smell of cleaning fluid, and it can be used without choosing water quality such as seawater and hard water. Because natural products are the main raw materials, the remaining wastewater is well degradable and safe.

Aqua clean coat

Aqua Clean Coat is a one-component, non-solvent, anti-fouling paint specifically for use in water tanks for beverages.
It is a paint that prevents stains caused by water tanks in the tank and rust from concrete rust, and maintains the sterilizing effect that protects the water from rot.

Paint pillar

The paint pillar is a paint remover.
It can peel off paint applied to any metal, wood or concrete. When paint pillars are applied to the surface of the coating with a brush, the paint will peel off in 20 to 30 minutes.

Non-pollution, water-soluble strong cleaning agent Power degree

The power degree is safe and harmless and water soluble. It is especially recommended for cleaning strong fats and oils, caked fats and tars.
You can use a wide range of products such as carbon stains, food factories, building maintenance, and air ducts.
We have acquired USDA-A1 of the USDA, which can be used in meat cleaning and food processing plants.

Heavy oil cut

Heavy oil cut is a non-pollution alkaline grease remover that removes oil that has infiltrated to the interface 100 mm of concrete.
It is effective in removing machine oil, removing rubber, removing blood stains and mold.
Waste water cost is reduced by re-separating the waste water after recovery into water and oil.