Flame retardant / Termiticide

Flame retardant / Termiticide

It will be a boric acid based flame retardant / termiticide. Generally, only about 16% was dissolved in boric acid aqueous solution.
However. Boric acid flame retardants / antitermulants developed by our company can be dissolved in water up to 30%, so they can be used as highly concentrated boric acid flame retardants / antitermulants.

・ Incombustible / incombustible effect
The mechanism of incombustibility and incombustibility is to wrap combustibles in a foam layer of amorphous sodium borate formed by heating, block oxygen and heat, and carbonize the substrate.
Both the carbonized layer and the foam layer generated do not burn as they protect from oxygen and heat inside the substrate.

・ Anti-antagonistic effect
Because it is made of boric acid as the main component, it has excellent ant-proof effect. It is effective against the American xylus termites, which have become a problem in recent years, and has significantly cleared the standards of the Japan Wood Conservation Association standard "Performance standards and test methods for xylus termites for wood preservatives for injection processing".